New designs for email notifications!

The Customer Feedback notification, Online Reviews notification, Performance Report and Google Q&A notifications all have beautiful new designs: notifications.png

New icons and status messages in Customer Dashboard

We've cleaned up the Customer Dashboard status messages and icons so that you can easily see the latest activity. The Status column now shows you the last action for each customer and feedback item. statuses.png

Now we have the following statuses:

  1. Customer added
  2. Request sent
  3. 1st reminder sent
  4. 2nd reminder sent
  5. Opened - no feedback
  6. Rating received
  7. Feedback received
  8. Clicked to review site
  9. Unsubscribed

Additionally, the Source column now has unique icons and will show you the source of the feedback, from the following sources:

  1. Email
  2. SMS/Phone
  3. Short URL
  4. Store Locator
  5. Kiosk Mode
  6. API

Unsubscribe customers from profile

You can now unsubscribe a customer within the customer profile screen. This is for cases when a customer tells you they don't want to receive any more feedback requests from you, and you don't want to tell them to click the unsubscribe link in the email.


Removed Google+, added Buffer for Social Sharing

We removed G+ and added Buffer to social sharing for 1st and 3rd party reviews in the Review Widget.


Added "left", "right" and "center" justification options to Review Widget

Now you have more control over how your Review Widget displays 1st and 3rd party reviews on your website.


One day delay option

Delay option for sending follow-ups used to have a big gap between hours and a full week. We've added a 1-day delay.


Campaign IDs now in Customer CSV export

By popular demand - we're now including your campaign tracking IDs in the Customer CSV export.


Visual Indicator for Review Copy/Paste

Here's something many of you asked for - we now provide a visual indicator when your customer presses the copy button to copy their review text.


The button uses the accent color you provide in your Brand & Colors settings, and changes to a green border when pressed to indicate the review text has been copied to the clipboard and is ready to paste.

Improved Touch-Targets for NPS Rating on Mobile

We've improved the touch-targets for the ratings in the Feedback Request email on mobile devices.

New Review Sites Available to Monitor - UHaul and HearingTracker

By popular request, we've added two more online review sites you can monitor in GetFiveStars - UHaul and HearingTracker. Check them out if they are sites you care about!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely GetFiveStars will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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